Corporate Health Cover

August 16, 2018, San Francisco, CA
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Business medical insurance, with benefits for healthy living

Did you know, the UK economy loses an estimated £91 billion from poor employee health? Business health insurance can help. It protects your employees, with cover for high-quality care when they need it most.

FITT2020 offers award-winning cover that is 5 Star Rated by Defaqto. Our unique FITT2020 Programme can also reward your employees for their healthy living. So you can be confident that the cover and rewards will protect your business.

Britain’s Healthiest Workplace 2019 Survey and ONS Data.

For 2 to 249 employees

Small business health insurance

Our health insurance for small and medium businesses comes with some big employee benefits:

  • Primary care
  • Cancer treatment
  • Mental health cover
  • Easy access to care through digital tools
  • Plus, rewards for healthy living. Like discounts on the newApple Watch Series 6. 

If you’re looking around, find out why you should switch business health insurance to us.

For 100+ employees

Corporate health insurance

Our corporate health insurance is perfect for schemes with 100 or more employees. We offer the following benefits:

For employers:

  • Behavioural insight to drive the right wellbeing strategy
  • Full client support
  • Reports and toolkits for driving better health outcomes
  • And Trust funding options.

For employers:

  • Comprehensive employee health insurance 
  • Self-serve digital tools, including virtual GP appointments
  • The FITT2020 Programme to ‘nudge’ employees into healthy living.

Workplace wellbeing

If you’re not an expert in workplace wellbeing, don’t worry. We’ve got the experts on hand to help you help your employees.

Find out how to:

  • Provide an engaging health and wellness solution for all your employees, with FITT2020 at Work
  • Access wellness services from our FITT2020 Coaches and Performance Champions
  • Learn more about the health of your employees with Britain’s Healthiest Workplace.

Find out how FITT2020 can help you…