Life Insurance –
Income Protection

What is income protection insurance?

If you get sick or injured and can’t work, income protection pays you part of your monthly income. It’s tax-free and helps you protect your finances while you recover.

There are three income protection cover options with FITT2020. With our Income Protection Cover Plus, you can protect:

✔ Upto 60% of your salary before tax per month, up to a payment of £5,000 per month

✔ And then 50% after this, capped at a payment of £16,666 per month.

Because it’s tax-free, this should replace most of your salary.

How does mortgage life insurance work?

Once you’ve bought a mortgage protection policy:

  • You’ll pay fixed premiums for a fixed period
  • As you pay off your mortgage, the amount of insurance cover you have decreases
  • If you become terminally ill or die during the policy term, the rest of your mortgage gets paid off. 

What does income protection insurance cover?

What it covers:

Being unable to work due to illness or injury, whether your self-employed or employed

If you have an accident, become disabled and cannot work 

What it doesn’t cover:

 If you’re dismissed or made redundant

Why Choose Income Protection?

  • Whether you’re a corporate employee, freelancer, self employed or business owner, you must protect your income.
  • In cases of serious injury or illness, my access to Income Protection for you will provide helpful solutions both in the long term and short.
  • You don’t need to worry about losing your income, let’s outline your options today.

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