Specific Business Covers

The importance of Health Insurance cannot be underestimated.

The pressure on the NHS currently is huge with over a years waiting list to be treated. Can your business, income or family wait that long to be treated? Getting that care as soon as possible could be crucial.

Key person Cover

This allows a business to protect itself and profits if a key member of staff was to become disabled, become severely ill or die. Losing a key person could seriously affect the business and this will enable the business to run smoothly by paying out a lump sum.

Shareholder or Partner Protection

This allows a business to run smoothly if one of the directors has been diagnosed with a severe illness or dies. The cover allows the remaining partners the ability to buy the business shares from the beneficiaries with a lump sum.

Loan Protection

Cover your business loans if a shareholder or a business partner dies or suffers a severe illness. If a business owner dies or becomes seriously ill, it provides a lump sum to cover your business loans.

Shareholder Loan Protection

Many businesses start or grow using capital injections loaned by the directors. These loans still form part of the Director’s personal estate and must be settled by the business in the event if said party dies. Shareholder loan protection provides a lump sum equal to the value of the loan.

Disability Cover

Not all illnesses are likely to have the same impact. Disability Cover for Business can protect against the financial impact of a disability. We cover anything from temporary disability to severe disability for the life of our clients.

Relevant Life policy

This is a staff benefit given to employees by employees. It’s a life policy paid to employees while in employment.

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